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Jihane Kidari Moroccan broadcaster, born in Morocco in 1999. She studied at the National High School of Commerce and Management in Morocco. She worked in the fashion field.

She was chosen for the "Ramez Plays with Fire" team in Morocco, then did the casting work, and then participated in several acting works, including the Daba Zian series and the Zahr Al-Batool series in 2020.

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Hometown: Morocco

Height : 1.68m

Weight : 58Kg

Marriage : No

"Jihane" drew attention to her thanks to her calm and smile when she met the guests, who will be exposed to the prank at the reception, in addition to her goodness and beauty, so that a number of celebrities have admired her, including the international star "Antonio Banderas", who was a guest in one of the program's episodes.

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Jihane, who had qualified for the 2016 Miss Arab World Finals, is a 21-year-old Moroccan girl. Her ambition made her work hard since she was young, and she studies at the National High School of Commerce and Management in Morocco, she said about herself in statements to "MBC".

Jihane has also been working in the fashion field since her childhood, due to her pure beauty and beautiful calm smile. and kept the program confidential.

Jihane expressed her happiness with her fame among the Egyptian and Arab people through the program, and her happiness with the reactions about the program. She also confirmed that she is one of the old followers of Ramez, as she considers him a cheerful and calm person, and works hard to achieve success.

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She continued: "I was amazed at the level of fun that characterized that meeting, and I was not spared from Ramez's feasts and entertainment, although I got to know him, and what distinguishes him from his spontaneity, wit, and diligence, and the program is a wonderful opportunity for fame, due to its large size and high viewing rate throughout the Arab world." .

Jihan confirmed that she had had a number of simple experiences in acting and singing before, but she considers the program to be her first professional experience in acting, noting that the Moroccan people are very happy with the experience of the program, especially as it supports tourism in Morocco extensively.

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Jihane continued: "The Moroccan people were impressed by the idea of ​​the program, and were particularly drawn to the way the wonderful city of Casablanca was filmed, which took on a wonderful look thanks to this program."

Jihane revealed a small part of the scenes of the program, and she said: “Sometimes when I receive guests, some hotel residents ask for a picture with the guest or guest, and since the time factor was important, such things were stressful for the entire staff, and some guests asked for a break or Drinking something before going to the lounge, and some artists asked to go to the bathroom after entering the lounge, and this I had to prevent in any way, as the preparations start outside the first thing that closes the lounge door... and other scenes.”

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