Top 10 times we missed out being Billionaire in a single wink πŸ˜‰πŸ€‘

Β Moments where being Billionaire was too easy

Money has no owners, only spenders," said the incredible character of Omar in the Wire with a much more classy and impactful original version. Moreover, he was right, money comes and goes, and usually, it comes more than goes, except for those people who managed to make a fortune easily. However, what is those moments in our lives when we screwed up, those moments when all we had to do was jump in and we misjudged our move? Well, let us go ahead and cry because we are never going to jump on the right train (is that an expression, or did I just make it up?).

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moments where being rich was easy

1. By investing in Bitcoin at the very beginning

By far the biggest opportunity to make golden balls easily just by being patient. If someone had told us that this thing would work, we wouldn't be here eating uncooked pasta because we have to save gas. Besides, if you think about it, probably nobody would be here because if we had all invested in it, it would probably not have worked as well. Well, I don't know, I didn't understand it all, except that I screwed up on that one.


2. By purchasing high-demand domain names

Less known as a technique, but don't underestimate it, some people have really made it their "job". They spend their days buying domain names and reselling them. Sometimes they make a big deal by grabbing the name of a brand or a company that is a little careless and hasn't renewed its subscription, and then they hit the jackpot. But a few years ago, it was really possible to make big money with this trick by buying for example the domain name "" or "". Come to say that now you can make sites with ".cool" at the end, that would be really nice.


3. By giving fictitious jobs to his whole family

But how stupid we were, there it was, in front of us, in front of our eyes, the most stupid way to make money: to make believe that we do something to earn some. When I think about it, it's still the most beautiful trick in terms of bullshit this thing. The person we live with opened our mail. Hup, 2,000 bucks in secretarial fees. A real masterstroke, the bigger the better (an expression that a lot of porn movies contradict, though).


4. Doing the "scalper".

Scalpers are people who buy products in masse to resell them at a higher price. Lately this has been the case with PS5, NVIDIA graphics cards, Liddle shoes, but it also exists with concert tickets and that kind of stuff. A practice that can be judged as "shitty asshole" but that works very well. So the next time something comes out in limited stock, you'd better make sure you don't get screwed, you buy everything in 100 copies and sell it to poor people at 15 times its price.


5. By choosing the right scratch card

Yeah because everything starts from there when it comes to scratch cards, you just have to choose the right one. Ok, it's not necessarily easy, but it's still a real thrill to see that in our tobacconist's shop a certain Thierry won 12 million euros just by buying the right one, while we've been spending thousands and thousands of dollars in these devil's games for 10 years. Besides, it makes us one of the donors of Thierry's fortune, and that makes us even angrier.


6. Finding whale vomit

It is not even a joke; whale vomit is literally worth its weight in gold. Well, actually it's the ambergris that is created in their digestive system that the perfume industry buys at a high price because it allows to fix the odors and make a perfume last longer. A Thai fisherman had found 6.5 kilos last year and had pocketed a fortune of nearly 390,000 euros, so clearly, once again we are missing out on this since these incapable whales are not able to run aground in Paris.


7. Playing the stockbroker during the Gamestop case

It's very recent since it's only a few months old. The people who took advantage of the Gamestop affair that we explain to you here made big profits. The worst thing is that you didn't really have to understand anything about the stock market, just invest at the right time (and at the same time isn't that the principle of the thing? As nobody understands anything but sometimes we make money). But once again the fortune passes under our nose and we didn't steal it.


8. Turning down a shitty internship in a start-up

And that this start-up became Facebook for example. Okay, it doesn't happen to everyone, but it's not just Facebook and internships. It can also count for all those times when you could have invested in start-ups that literally made a hit and you would have made huge amounts of money back just by buying a few shares. Well, a lot of start-ups fall apart quickly too, so you just have to have a good nose. Alternatively, invest in things that seem to have some kind of chance, like not a project to repopulate the Auvergne with tigers.


9. By dumping someone who inherits a lot of money right after

The sense of timing is always a pain in the ass. Just dump that fat fuck and two months later, he/she inherits a lot of money from his/her racist, cheap grandmother. It happens ALL the time:

- Hey, I heard you dumped Pierric.

- Yeah, he was such a jerk.

- Yeah, but now he's inherited a castle with a pool in the Luberon and a five-door Clio 2.

If I had been given a dime for every time I heard that...


10. Betting on the wrong team to win

With all the sports betting apps and that kind of crap, we could still make a lot of money, but no, we think with our heart and not our head by betting on our favorite club while the players are really big shits and they are not able to win a game while they are better paid than everyone else. No but it's really boring to be short of money all the time, besides money makes you happy, it's proven.


Honestly, if we had tried even one of these things, we would still be in our best life now. Well, you can always go to the money-saving tips or the rich people's money-saving tips, since they can afford to give us lessons anyway, they are rich.

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