What's the best & convenient time to find love on dating platforms?

To find love in 2022, some may decide to sign up for a dating site. What day of the year should you definitely log on to the site to hope to find your significant other? Here's the ideal timing for dating.

The year 2022 is about to begin and resolutions are made. One of them concerns many singles: finding love. For this, several ways are possible, such as going out to a bar, meeting friends of friends, or registering on a dedicated site. They are numerous and allow us to get in touch with men and women.

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online dating perfect time

Among them, Meetic, which conducted a survey to establish the best time of the year to find his half. Their press release reveals that January 6th is the date to be connected. Indeed, on Meetic, the first Sunday of the year is the time when singles, men and women, register the most on the site but it is also the day when Internet users are the most active. The report adds that there are 65% more messages than on an average day.

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And if some people still want to increase their chances of meeting love on the net, here are some details: it is at 9pm for women that the peak of exchanges takes place, and at 10pm for men. Moreover, it is better to pick up and enjoy your family on December 24th. The number of connections and exchanges decreases on average by 30% on this date. Singles are more preoccupied with enjoying foie gras and the log than with finding their partner, and we understand them.

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*Estimate of the number of couples formed on the Meetic group's sites in Europe. Figure obtained by extrapolating the results of a survey conducted by Research Now in April 2018, on 59,931 people residing in Europe (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Sweden) aged over 18, to the total population of this age group (Source eurostat 2018).

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