Online dating, What about its advantages and disadvantages? 😁

Is online dating good or bad for you?

 Is it a good or bad idea to use dating sites to start a new life? The answer is often between the two. Make up your mind with this little tour of the advantages and disadvantages of dating sites.

Redo your life thanks to dating sites: good or bad idea?

Did your last relationship end in failure?

After a long period of celibacy, you now aspire to find love in other arms?

And why not try the dating sites?

Is this a good idea? Are you really more likely to find the perfect match on dating sites than elsewhere?

Find out what you need to know about these "virtual" meetings!

How to choose the best online-dating platform?


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advantages and disadvantages of online dating

Register on dating sites

Most people who sign up for online dating sites are usually under the assumption that they could quickly find their ideal partner, just by choosing from different types of profiles.

While many people have experienced true love at first sight and found a lasting relationship, many have had unhappy experiences far from what they could have imagined.

It is not because we consider dating sites as THE quickest solution to escape from celibacy that it is necessarily a good idea. Some unscrupulous dating sites are indeed to be avoided.

Fortunately, there are some serious ones that promise quality encounters. Don't hesitate to ask around and check out the updated rankings to find out more!


The advantages of dating sites

With dating sites, you can :

·        Meet people without having to leave your home. Weather or not, it's not a problem!

·        Find people according to the criteria you have previously defined (age, nationality, family situation, professional situation, region...).

·        Discover another way to seduce and maybe even break down certain barriers, such as shyness for example.

·        Discuss different topics that interest you or that you have in common.

·        Converse remotely via chat and webcam. A good way to know in advance if the current passes or not!

·        Meeting new people is an opportunity to get out of your loneliness, forced or wanted, and to live again the pleasant stage of seduction. Enjoy every minute of it, but also be vigilant.


The disadvantages of dating sites

Among the disadvantages of online dating.

·        You will need to be comfortable writing about yourself, your expectations, your feelings. It's not as easy as you might think and some people are more comfortable talking about it than writing it.

·        You can't trust everything that is said in the profiles. Most people who register often embellish their reality: false hobbies, false family situation, false nationality, etc. You have to be very careful about the age and type of person you are dealing with. If your instinct tells you that this person is neither reliable nor honest, stop everything.

·        Expectations are not always the same. Most people are rarely looking for a real relationship, often just a fling.

·        The famous compatibility algorithms: avoid basing your judgment on these tools designed to encourage people to meet. Wait until you meet, if your relationship evolves, to get a real idea of it at the risk of being fooled.



Dating sites are certainly neither a panacea nor the definitive solution to rebuild your life.

However, and even if their use requires caution, they are a tool that you should not neglect. If they can help you find love and rebuild your life, why deprive yourself?

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