Apps and dating sites: 7 catchphrases that always work 🥰

How to approach a woman/man on a dating site (or application)? Our advice and practical examples.

Catchphrases on dating apps and sites: what to do

It is probably one of the most difficult questions of humanity: "how to approach a man / a woman on a dating website (or app)? On the web, tutorials are legion: "seduction coaches" teach us how to seduce, how to compliment, how to look neither banal nor eccentric, how to show off without doing too much... It's an art !

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How to write "the" catchphrase that will make him/her fall in love every time? Our advice:


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catchphrases to use for online dating

Take a cue from her profile. According to a survey conducted by the Canadian dating site Plenty of Fish among 1,100 former members who found love online, the best strategy (which worked for almost 17% of respondents) is to make a remark about something in the other person's profile. Does he/she talk about windsurfing? Bounce off your passion for scuba diving. Is he/she passionate about history? Tell him/her about your favorite biopic. Nothing like this to show him/her that you have read his/her profile... and that you are serious about your approach.

Keep it simple. Unless your crush is into literature or philosophy, writing a long, winding book as a catchphrase is a bad idea. The proof: according to the Plenty of Fish survey, the second most effective catchphrase is the traditional "Hi, how are you? Without taking the easy way out, you should be satisfied with one question (limiting subordinate clauses) or one proposition (idem) out of a maximum of 2 messages - at the risk of looking like a madman or madwoman.

Be honest. Yes, it's tempting to show your best side on dating websites and apps... But here's the thing: if this crush turns into a serious affair, the other person will eventually find out! So there's no need to tell Jockey_du_67 that you love horse riding if you're scared to death of horses. The same goes for flattering compliments: it's not true, it's unattractive, it's a no-go.

Find common ground. A strategy that worked for nearly 8% of respondents surveyed by the Canadian dating site. Carefully read the profile of your chosen one and write a catchphrase that emphasizes your commonalities. For example? "Do you like baking? That's great, so do I. Recently I've been baking..." or "Looks like we're both athletic! What's your next challenge? Mine is...".

And also... If, despite all your efforts and your perfect catchphrase, your crush does not respond, do not insist... On dating websites and apps, a lack of response is equivalent to a "no". And we know: "no" is "no".


Catchphrases on dating apps and sites: what to (really) avoid

In addition to the random spelling and grammar (which are generally prohibitive...), several behaviors, however plebiscited by some "coaches in seduction" are to be banished:


Impersonal catchphrases. For example: "Hi, how are you?" / "You look great in your picture!" / "What are you doing?" / "How was your day? These ready-made sentences can give the impression that 1- the person didn't bother to get in touch with their crush, 2- the person is chasing several rabbits at the same time, 3- the person is not serious in their approach. Zero points!

Criticism. It seems obvious but it's better to specify it: on dating websites and apps, compliments (rightly measured) work better than criticism. So don't say "there's not much on your profile, it's a shame..." or "you're looking for the ideal man/woman, but you know that doesn't exist, right?" as a catchphrase. The same goes for passive-aggressive sentences like "why don't you answer?" or "well, I'll leave you alone then"...

Potentially offensive comments. In this category, we can mention remarks about height or weight (the best way to end up on the blacklist...), comments about origins (for example: "where are you from?" to a black person when he/she said he/she was from Paris) or even mockery, even with a humorous purpose (for example: "you are a teacher, that's great, you are always on vacation!")

And also... If you are looking for a serious story, avoid sexual innuendos and other dirty jokes as a catchphrase: the risk is to be categorized as a "one-night stand" and to see a potential beautiful love story fly away.


7 catchphrases on dating apps and sites that work

Humor. "You'll be shocked but I'm assuming I'm a rebel: I put cream in the carbonara sauce! And you ?" (also works with : I like rain, I read women's magazines, I have a pet tarantula...)

Philosophy. "If you could wake up tomorrow morning with a magical power, what would it be?" (also works with: if you could meet any celebrity, if you could live in a movie...)

Dream. "Imagine, you can go on vacation anywhere, just like that, by snapping your fingers: where would you go?" (also works with: imagine, you win 1 million euros, imagine, you are president of the world...)

The absurd. "Hi, what's the brand of your shampoo?" (also works with: what's your favorite supermarket, what's your grandmother's name...)

The Cornelian choice. "If I invited you to a restaurant, would you take the fondue bourguignonne or the 4 cheese pizza?" (also works with L'amour est dans le pré or Danse avec les stars? A beach in Martinique or a refuge in the mountains? )

Quote. "To love is not to look at each other but to look together in the same direction, what do you think?" (also works with: to love is the most beautiful thing, I love I love your eyes...)

The question. "Tell me, my sister's birthday is next month: do you have any gift ideas for a 35 year old woman?" (also works with: I need to buy a new pair of shoes, do you have any advice? I don't know what to cook tonight: any suggestions?

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