Slow dating: the effective method to find love on dating websites ✔💖

 Are your experiences on dating websites and applications unsuccessful? Change your method, and opt for slow dating, a trend against the current.

Online dating has become inseparable from "swiping", the movement that consists in moving your finger on the screen of your smartphone to scroll through the profiles of singles. A gesture is often performed in a frantic way on applications such as Tinder, Bumble, or Badoo.

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slow dating

How about slowing down the pace? This is the principle of "slow dating", whose objective is to put an end to compulsive likes and to favor quality over quantity, in order to finally multiply one's chances of meeting love.

The term "slow dating" was initiated by Once, a dating application that offers its users a single customized profile every 24 hours. But this way of working could well become widespread!

And for good reason: the trend is unquestionably "slow"! Slow sex, slow meditation, slow food... Everything is an excuse to slow down, to live each experience more intensely. A motto that could bear fruit on the love front. But what to do to start slow dating? Here are some tips:


With slow dating, no more zapping

Fill in your profile

To multiply your chances of matching with corresponding profiles, and to avoid wasting your time, it is better to highlight your interests. The objective? To find singles with whom you share common points more easily and more quickly.


Focus on one profile per day

Are there several singles that catch your eye when you open your dating apps? Making a choice could help you find love! If you have the impression that this reduces your field of possibilities, it is not the case: on the contrary, this mode of operation allows you to better deepen the relationship, a necessary phase to start a potential love story!


Favoring the real over the virtual

You don't want to spend weeks chatting by text message when the feeling is right: love is real, so why wait? A quick meeting with a suitor with whom you've hit it off will let you know if you're heading in the right direction! However, be sure to organize this first meeting in a public place, and tell someone close to you, just in case.


Conducting one conversation at a time

Swiping so much, you don't know where to turn or who to talk to? Stop! Take the time to talk to one suitor at a time, to get to know him, and decide if you want to follow up.


Exit immediacy, zapping, and overconsumption: slow dating definitely offers a new way of seeing things... and of finding love!

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