Dating sites: 6 tips for finding love (and avoiding the clutter)

 Useful tips to find love on dating websites

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Tip #1: Give it a chance

Ok, on his pictures, Cupid_91 has nothing of a first prize of beauty. And as he is not really good with his smartphone camera, we tend to make a face when we browse his profile.

And yet... what if we gave him a chance? Beyond his ungrateful physique, Cupid_91 is perhaps full of qualities. By rejecting him directly, we may miss a beautiful love story. Come on, just one small chance!


Tip #2: Listen to your inner voice

In addition to his ridiculous nickname, PatrickLeLoveur is addicted to emoji, uses and abuses SMS language, makes jokes that are frankly at the limit of good taste, is very interested in our sexual preferences and displays without complexes his radical political opinions.

And even though our little inner voice has been waving the red flag for about 70 texts, we keep chatting with him... Stop! Our instinct is formal: Prince Charming is not him. We turn the page, we move on.


Tip #3: Show off your skills

The mirror test is a real torture every morning. We find ourselves old, fat, ugly, wrinkled... In short, we have all the faults in the world and no one (no one!) will ever find us to their liking.

What if we stop devaluing ourselves for five minutes? Ok, we have dark circles up to the navel: however, we have a very pretty smile. Ok, we have some bulges: however, we proudly display a 95D well filled. So many qualities that we can mention on our profile - the objective is to seduce, let's not forget it!


Tip #4: Take your time

Exactly five minutes and twenty-three seconds after we finished our registration, we have already received 50 messages, 38 friend requests, 12 date proposals and 3 dirty proposals. Good fishing.

But before jumping on the first one who comes along, we take the time to think about it. Do I really like this man? Do I really want to start a relationship with him? Am I not rushing into anything? This is not a race, there is no deadline to respect!


Tip #5: Be bold!

After a hundred of text messages, Romantique54 ends up (logically) by proposing us a first appointment. The restaurant seems nice, the guy is adorable, the moment is perfect... but we hesitate. And if it went badly? And if he was different in real? And if, and if... ?

Let's take the bull by the horns and dare to cross the virtual/real limit. If, really, we feel like it could turn sour, we can always ask Good Girl to come and save us - or pretend to have an emergency ("sorry, I forgot, I had to wash my hair tonight!").

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Tip #6: Focus

Good news: on dating sites, we are very successful. Bad news: we can't manage all our suitors. By running several hares at the same time, we end up making mistakes ("no, it's not you who lives in La Rochelle?"), triggering tensions (on the other side of the screen, Potential-Honey feels treated like an object, and rightly so) and, above all, missing the most important thing.

Instead of trying to maintain (badly) five or six relationships at a time, what if we targeted the men we are really interested in? By gently (and respectfully) rejecting the unfortunate non-selected ones, of course.

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