make money easily: best #8 tips and methods to follow

Earning a living, making a little pocket money or supplementing your income without rushing into it, it's all possible. We explain how to make ends meet with 8 amazing methods and ideas to earn money.

We've all dreamed of becoming millionaires overnight and never having to work another day in our lives. Unfortunately, the odds of winning the lottery jackpot are slim and the best way to make money is still through sweat. Fortunately, there are ways to earn money quite easily without having to put in an astronomical amount of effort. Between good financial investments, missions on the internet, mobile applications, sports betting and extra jobs, there is no lack of ideas and opportunities. We tell you everything.


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Our techniques to earn money easily and quickly

1. Opt for cashback

You have probably heard of iGraal, the platform that gives you money back on your online purchases. There are more and more services offering what is called "cashback". The principle is very simple: you go through the specialized platform (which will direct you to the merchant site) to make your purchases, and once the payment is made, it reimburses you a part of the amount of your shopping. This method of making money on the Internet is becoming more and more common. The system works thanks to partnerships between the sites of your favorite merchants and the cashback platforms. With its 1547 partners, iGraal promises 120 euros of profit per year on average with your online shopping refunds. But don't forget to go through them to make them!

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2. Give online courses

Do you have skills in computers, math, life and science or 18th century Spanish literature? How about using these skills to help those in need? Many platforms offer individuals the opportunity to donate their time via online lessons to children, teenagers, or adults who request it to help them progress or learn new skills. Sites like Superprof for example invite you to fill out a form with your skills and qualifications to determine if you are suitable to teach others what they are looking to improve or consolidate. Plan your lesson schedule, prepare your cards, plug in your webcam and share your knowledge for a fee that varies greatly depending on the site. Note that on some sites, you can set your own rates per hour. Ideal for a complimentary activity if you want to finance your next vacation in the sun!


3. Resell your old electronic devices

We all have old computers or phones that are piling up because we changed models or the screen is a bit slow. You can get rid of them and make a new happy by having them reconditioned by professionals. This process also called "back market", is currently in full expansion. You bring your carcass to a store where a specialized salesman will appraise it. Depending on the condition of the phone or computer, he will propose a buy-back price. Afterward, he will put your device back in working order, reset it to delete all the data you have left on it, and put it up for sale at a knock-down price. It's a win-win situation: you earn money on the bottom of your drawers and someone at the other end of the process goes home with a smartphone at half price, as good as new and under warranty.


4. Sell your clothes on the internet

We all have clothes that we no longer wear or that we never wore and that are lying in the back of the closet. What if you could make them profitable? You can give them a second life by selling them on the net to people who want to buy second-hand. Remember to present your clothes, accessories and shoes still in good condition to your future buyers. Take a few photos from the best angle to show them off and post them on private resale platforms such as Vinted, eBay, Videdressing or Le Bon Coin, where you can sell all the items you no longer use (bedding, household appliances, books, pet accessories, etc.). Be sure to read the terms of use to know exactly what you are allowed to sell and what you are not allowed to sell, and to evaluate the commission the site takes on your sales. It is possible to earn a hundred euros with this process which is as profitable as it is ecological.


5. Market your DIY creations

Are you good at macramé or poached paint on ceramic? Or maybe you print humorous messages on mugs or postcards? What are you waiting for to open your virtual e-commerce store and start offering online shopping? Etsy, for example, offers independent designers the opportunity to sell their jewelry, paintings, postcards, home decor, etc. on its site. You can post your work for sale and interact directly with your potential buyers in a safe and secure way. You can decide to make it your main activity or to devote yourself to it from time to time to have a complementary income on your art. You can let your imagination run wild and be paid for your unique handmade pieces.


6. Become a pet-sitter

It is the same principle as babysitting, but for pets. Owners who are away for the weekend or on vacation are often looking for attentive people to keep an eye on their pet, feed it and possibly take it out during their absence. You can keep your pet at home or go to the owner's house on a daily basis to take care of it. Simply answer ads on sites like Yoopies or post one yourself to get the job. Note that if this is anything other than a side hustle and you're putting in a lot of hours a week, you'll need to submit a certificate of ability in order to practice. As with online courses, you can set your own salary or be satisfied with the one offered by the individual.


7. Become a website tester

You may be familiar with paid surveys that allow you to earn a few cents by visiting sites and answering surveys. But did you know that it is possible to earn a little money by testing websites? From your computer or your smartphone, you browse a website or a given application and then answer a few questions about the usability of the site, possible technical problems encountered and suggestions for improvement. You can be paid by the hour, by the number of tests performed or by the mission for this type of activity which is still not well known.


8. Do some extra work

It is quite possible to see Jenifer up close by attending The Voice shows from the audience. Or to appear stealthily on-screen in Alain Chabat's next movie. To do this, you can act as an extra. You'll need to answer online casting calls, submitting a resume, cover letter or at best a portfolio, or even nothing at all for a spot in the audience of a show. The process is 100% free. The major disadvantage is that you will spend hours on a TV set, sitting and applauding when asked, or on the set of a movie where scenes are replayed several times. As far as remuneration is concerned, count on about 100 to 150 euros per day of shooting when it's a film, and a voucher if you're lucky on a TV set. A way to earn money quite easily!

You should know that other small jobs can allow you to earn money easily. For example, you can become a mystery shopper, start a youtube channel, publish a self-published book or an e-book, do sports betting, answer email surveys, make deliveries or carpool with your own car, earn money with a mobile application that turns your steps into virtual currency, and so many other ideas to make easy money!

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